Kinda Like Green Acres

In a lot of ways Craig and I are complete opposites.  We've been described more than once as "Kinda Like Green Acres" and once you meet us you can usually tell why.  My blog isn't a typical real estate blog tauting market stats and selling techniques.  Those bore even me.  Instead I just wanted to give a look behind the scenes of homebuilding and real estate life.  We also love to travel and I often get asked for hotel, restaraunt etc recommendations so I thought this would be a fun place to document those too.  Oh and after 12 years of planning we're finally building our own place - a fun air bnb in Hot Springs, AR called The Sleeping Porch.  I figured I'd chronicle the blood sweat and tears going into that project for everyone to follow along too!  Welcome to Green Acres - Dahling I Love You but Give Me Park Avenue!

Jennifer Hodgens


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